Take Control of Life: Get Fit, Feel Good – Now.

It's fitness time in Hackney. Get Hackney Fit now!

It’s fitness time in Hackney. Get Hackney Fit now!

It’s Wednesday afternoon. You’re half-way through the week and maybe starting to have a little midweek hiatus at your desk. Got to pace yourself for the other 2.5 days of the week. Your mind drifts to all the things you’re always intending to do, like get fit…

Maybe you can’t find quite what you need in Stoke Newington, or you’re short of time in Clapton. Maybe by the time you get back to your home in Hackney Central or your flat in London Fields you don’t feel you’ve the energy for exercise and working out.

So you’re going to wait until the time is right. But the time is never absolutely 100% right. You can always find a reason not to get around to it.

Unless you break that pattern (which is pretty easy, because it simply starts with just an email or a phone call and a small slot in your diary) you could always find excuses not to get around to dipping your toe in the fitness well – with all the good things that come with that.

Like being in charge of your own body; feeling a sense of accomplishment; feeling powered-up so you have more energy to get other things done; slipping on your sports gear and feeling like you are a fitness person.

Because the best time to start something is always now. The time is now. It’s your time. Use it. Do it. Now.

*Currently Hackney Fit personal training clients get sessions from me, PT Simon Cole and – at no extra cost – access to my running and HIIT classes at London Fields Fitness Studio. Plus, you get free access to classes by several of my colleagues there. Now *that* is value!

#HackneyBootCampRun New Class, New Time – Faster You

Outdoor training every Tue with #LondonFieldsBootCamp or personal training. You choose.

Outdoor training 7pm every Tue with #HackneyBootCampRun for just £5.


Hackney Boot Camp Run at London Fields Fitness Studio 7pm Tue £5

“You’ll never jog alone”

The Tue evening class is evolving. We’ve got a lot of people who want to improve their running times but without having to join a ‘serious’ running club or go for miles.

We’ll combine some jogging, running drills and bodyweight exercises to tick the boxes you need to become a better runner.

Better technique, a good core and all round body strength.

We’ll train smarter, not longer.

So come down and try something a bit new and different. It’s going to be at 7-8pm now, but still just £5 for an hour (or free if you’re doing personal training with me). Come and enjoy the fun and camaraderie of a group run: inspire each other, get better.

Here’s the class info below. Hope to see you Tuesdays 7pm. There’s more blurb below.

BTW if you want to discover more about Hackney at a slower pace, check out walking tours with my alter-ego, Hackney Tours (hackneytours.com) – as recommended by both Lastminute.com and Trip Advisor! There’s one tomorrow of Hackney Wick at noon.



Are you looking to break into running or improve your time, but are intimidated by formal running clubs? Are you thinking about Tough Mudder or other obstacle courses and want some functional training to prepare?
Do you like all round workout sessions that combine running and bodyweight exercises?
Do you want to develop muscular strength and the core you need to run well?

Every Tuesday at 7pm we’ll go guerilla and hit the streets of Hackney for a mini run adventure – at a pace that’s comfortable for everyone – to a different location and work out.

We’ll do some exercises to tone up, build strength and activate our core. Then we’ll do some running drills. You can pace yourself or you can go hard. You choose!

Everyone’s welcome. So let’s have some fun, explore Hackney and get better at running.

Great Value Training with Hackney Fit at London Fields Fitness Studio E8

Outdoor training every Tue with #LondonFieldsBootCamp or personal training. You choose.

Outdoor training every Tue with #LondonFieldsBootCamp or personal training. You choose.

The seasons are changing, but we’ve still got great weather to exercise in. We’re still training outdoors whenever it’s possible, including every Tuesday at #LondonFieldsBootCamp.

That class is still only £5 for an hour and there’s no pre-booking. Just turn up at 6.30pm every Tuesday at London Fields Fitness Studio.

When you train with me – PT Simon Cole – you get this exercise class free, as well as Continue reading

Fitness Decisions: Out of Bed, Into Action

Stunning sunshine on Clapton towpath run

Get out there and feel good!

Half the battle is mental, they say. I would put the figure at more like 75%. On a recent weekend, as I lay in bed I thought: “What would my ‘Best Me’ do right now on a Saturday morning? They’d probably jump out of bed, throw on their trainers and head out for a quick run, clearing last night’s cobwebs and getting energised for the day.”

“Imagine if I could be that person? Can I?” I pictured myself Continue reading

Love the Seasons at Boot Camp or De-Stress on a Nature Jog

It's coming anyway - so say 'Yes' to Autumn fitness.

It’s coming anyway – so say ‘Yes’ to Autumn and fitness!


I hope this finds you well on this grey afternoon. Winter is almost upon us – it can be a tough time for some and you don’t have to be a London Fields squirrel to recognise the temptation to hibernate.

But it’s the last thing we need (!) either mentally or physically, and – unless we’re moving to Barcelona or somewhere soon – something we all have to deal with every year. Fortunately, adaptation is something we’re all good at. Continue reading

Training For Tough Mudder? Hackney Fit Can Help

This might look like the N38 at 2am on a Sat, but this is just one section of a 12-mile course.

This might look like any Shoreditch night bus stop on a weekend, but this is just one obstacle on a 12-mile course.

“Tough Mudder is not your average lame-ass mud run or spirit-crushing ‘endurance’ road race. It’s Ironman meets Burning Man, and it is coming to a city near you…”

Billing itself as “probably the toughest event on the planet”, this 12-mile long special forces-inspired obstacle race is increasingly popular. I’m training a few people in Hackney Continue reading

Special London Fields Boot Camp for International Women’s Day 2013 – Get Fit And Raise Funds For Mary Wollstonecraft!

Get fit for a good cause!

Get fit for a good cause!

Friday 8th March is International Women’s Day (IWD). To celebrate, Hackney Fit is running a donation-entry version of the regular outdoor Tuesday night London Fields Boot Camp (#LondonFieldsBootCamp) at 12.30pm. All proceeds will go to the fund to create a memorial to Mary Wollstonecraft in the place where she was radicalised – Newington Green. Continue reading

Are You Resisting Resistance? Women Lifting Weights Get Buff Not Beefy!

Resistance training is GOOD for you - and doesn't have to be hard either.

Resistance training is GOOD for you – and doesn’t have to be hard either.

A common comment from women who’re thinking about getting fit is “I don’t want to get big muscles and look like a female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger”. But that’s not how it works!

You probably could beef up if you wanted to, but equally you can choose the lean and toned look too.

Resistance training is sadly sometimes overlooked – yet Continue reading

Show Some Love For Your Own Heart – With Exercise!

Be kind to your own heart this Valentines Day!

Be kind to your own heart this Valentines Day – and every day.

It’s Valentines Day and love is in the air here in Clapton. But you can show some love for your own heart any day of the year – by exercising it!

Regular exercise can massively reduce your risk of heart disease. The heart gets stronger Continue reading