Investing in your future with Hackney Fit is competitively-priced:

One-to-one sessions: one-off £45; block of 5 or 10 sessions £400

For every 10 sessions you complete, you’ll receive a free bonus session, further reducing the cost.

30 and 45 minute sessions are also available at a lower rate (please ask).

You also get included access to all the boot camps at London Fields Fitness Studio boot camps (typically 6 per week) and Thu Circuits. So you could train 3 times per week while just paying for the PT component.

2 train for the price of 1‘ – some trainers add an extra cost but I’m happy for you to bring a friend to train together so that will cut the price by 50%.

2 thoughts on “Prices

  1. Kelly

    Hello. I’m a single mum and would like to know if there is anything you can do regarding the price for block sessions? And also is it £5 every Tuesday for the session at London fields and what does it include? Thank you

    1. Hackney Tours Post author

      Hi Kelly.

      It is indeed just £5 and you can just turn up about 6.20pm (there’s a quick questionnaire to fill in to make sure you’ve no injuries etc) at London Fields Fitness Studio at 379 Mentmore Terrace E8 3PN.

      There’s a circuit element (so you’re not competing directly with anyone, just against yourself/the clock) with things like press-ups and squats and some group activities. There’s some jogging (or running, depending on your level) too. I cater for different abilities and there’s a good mix of activity. You’ll get a cardio workout, tone up and also develop your core. I like to make it fun too; it’s not ‘shouty’!

      Regarding the Personal Training, yes there are things we can look at on price so I’ll drop you an email or contact me at hackneyfit @ or 07974 123 191.



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